In Store Lab

We have a state of the art in-store laboratory and our fully computerised Nidek equipment.

Our Nidek equipment can manufacture your new glasses while you wait. Our automated lens processing system uses the latest 3D tracing and cutting technology, tracing the lens to 32, 000 separate data points and finishing to an accuracy of less than 0.01mm.

Every step of production is meticulously checked to ensure perfect glasses every time.

We stock a wide range of single vision lenses, suitable for distance or reading prescriptions, and we can supply your new glasses while you wait.

Why not relax with a complimentary tea or coffee while our experienced technicians manufacture your new glasses right here in-store? There is no extra charge for this service, it is included free in our Optical Direct Price Match Guarantee.

You have your own prescription from another optician and would like to buy your new glasses from Optical Direct Opticians?

We welcome all valid prescriptions from other opticians. Why not call in and take advantage of our fantastic offers and we will do the rest.

Our Laboratory Manager, John Fergus has over 30 years experience in all areas of lens production, spectacle manufacture and repairs.

Should you have any technical queries regarding your glasses, he would be more than happy to help. You can contact him here or alternatively call on 0141 882 8333.


1.6 Superthin and 1.67 Ultrathin hi-index including multi anti-reflection treatment. Suitable for higher prescriptions, much thinner and lighter than standard lenses including a multi anti-reflection treatment. This gives your glasses a much better cosmetic appearance and reduces headlight glare while driving at night.

Kids’ and Teens’ lenses

All our kids glasses include free lightweight TUFFA lenses, with a scratch-resistant treatment and 100% UV protection. We offer 1.6 Superthin or 1.67 Ultrathin lenses for higher prescriptions where necessary at no extra charge. 1 hour service available for Kids’ and Teens’ standard prescriptions.


Sunsensors are photochromic lenses which are clear when indoors or when driving at night. They will react and darken with the sunlight giving you 100% UV protection.

Free Glasses Tune-Up

Glasses not fitting correctly and needing adjusted? Why not take advantage of our free glasses tune-up service? We will adjust and polish your glasses in-store while you wait absolutely free, on us.

Spectacle Repairs

We offer a comprehensive spectacle repair service in-store and the majority of simple repairs can be completed by our experienced technicians while you wait.

Premium Branded Lenses

We are official stockists of all major branded lenses including Essilor, Kodak, Zeiss Sola, Jai Kudo, and Nikon.

Free scratch resistant treatment on all plastic lenses

We include a free scratch resistant treatment on all plastic lenses as standard.


1.5 index lightweight plastic, hi-index 1.6 (Superthin ) and 1.67 (Ultrathin),  and Sunsensor grey or brown.


1.5 index lightweight plastic, hi-index 1.6 (Superthin ) and 1.67 (Ultrathin),  and Sunsensor grey or brown.